Pork Scratchings


Let's chew the fat!

It's official! Fatty pork is good for you! The 8th most nutritious food on the planet! The 1st meat on the list!

It is a good source of B vitamins and minerals, which are vital for our human body and it is rich in oleic acid and contains 60 per cent monounsaturated fat which  are beneficial to our heart, arteries and skin, it can also regulate our hormones.

It is more unsaturated and healthier than lamb or beef fat. That's great news for the heritage breed pigs.

Read more at WOB: http://www.worldofbuzz.com/fatty-pork-announced-top-10-nutritious-food-world/


Every day is national pig day here lol


British Bangers

I often get asked what kind of sausage a banger is? Well it isn't any specific kind it's just a general term for sausages. Us Brits eat bangers with mash and gravy. I believe the great British Banger got it a name during the war when meat was scarce, filler and water was added to sausage mix to make the meat go further. These sausages tended to burst during cooking. This gave them the name banger.


The Irish girls are blazing the Berky trail

Well I don't think we could have picked a worse day to send pigs to Ontatio. We got them loaded ok and they looked very cosy on the truck. I was sorry to see them go but they are off to good breeding homes where we can hopefully get some genetic diversity.


Just collected our next batch of pork. I will be making packages up very shortly. Join our mailing list for priority ordering.


Lard - (should we be eating lard)

So here we are on the last day of 2017 and the end of a terribly cold week. Not much that we can do outside in this deep freeze so I've decided to render some leaf lard. I usually do this in the oven but am always looking to make my life easier. Having never made it in the slow cooker before I found a method from www.myhumblekitchen.com/2011/02/how-render-lard-the-right-way-snow-white/ , let's hope it works.

The long and the short of it is to put ground up pork fat in a slow cooker with a 1/4 cup of water to prevent the fat from burning, set to low for an hour and strain. I always strain into bread tins lined with cling film or greaseproof paper. These lard bricks are then easy to store. I  freeze some as I seem to find myself with tons. Never fear it won't be wasted. If I find myself totally over run with lard I have a friend who makes it into soap for us. On that note we would like to

wish everyone a Happy Healthy New Year