Pastured Berkshire Pork

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Many people tell us that they haven't eaten pork for years because the pork they got from the store is

  • tasteless, 
  • tough
  • smells like barn
  • has an awful smell when it's cooking.

One lady even told me she would swell up when she ate store-bought pork but not when she ate ours, it turns out she was allergic to antibiotics and we do not feed antibiotic laden feeds!

Most of the pork sold through the big retailers is from pigs that are kept in overcrowded conditions on concrete floors.

This is why the pork smells like a barn!

These breeds of pigs have been bred specifically to grow fast in intensive farm operations where they never get to see the sky or the sun or root around in fields. They have minimum fat or flavour.  

Having no fat is why they are tough and a pork chop is likely to be like a hockey puck. If your pork has an ammonia smell it is likely a boar, the smell is known as boar taint. 

While it doesn't affect the taste it will put a lot of people of eating pork for a long time!  A lot of producers don't think you can detect this smell, women can smell it more than men, One of my customers didn't buy pork for 2 years after getting a pig  (from another supplier) because of the boar taint. 

We specialize in raising Berkshire pigs, a rare heritage pig that is known for marbling and fat.

This is why they are so flavorful and tender. We regularly get texts or calls from First-time buyers

  • " Amazing pork! Cooked up a roast last night. Used a butter knife to cut it! Thx again

On our travels, we run into a lot of people from the UK who really miss a taste of home. We Brits are not used to a lot of side bacon (streaky bacon) so we worked with our processor to make some back bacon, it is smoked but also delicious. We also make:-

  • Gammon
  • Cumberland Sausage
  • Unsmoked back bacon
  • Sausage stuffed pork roast

Originally we just wanted to raise some pigs outside and we wanted a heritage breed that would be better suited to a more natural pasture raising environment than a pig bred for an intensive barn system. 

We now eat pork almost every day. Who knew it could be such a versatile meat? When I had a freezer full of ground pork I had no choice other than to use it like ground beef. Now I actually prefer it. 

It makes the best 

  • chillis
  • Shepherds pies
  • Pasta Sauces
  • Meat pies 
It is my go-to choice when I am short of time or I forget to get something out of the freezer, which is quite often!

The Berkshire Pork is an excellent choice to anyone on a low carb high protein diet. If you are trying to cut additives out of your diet but find the store meat tasteless this is the Pork for you!